There are a bunch of exciting new cars coming in the next few years so we’re giving you a complete A-Z guide of the brands which have announced new models.

Alfa Romeo

Alpha Romeo’s latest creation is the bonkers Giulia GTA. This stripped out version of the quadrifoglio gets 540hp and weighs up to 100kg less than the standard car, thanks to a new titanium exhaust and loads of carbon fibre bits, against a new front bumper, lower side skirts, wider rear wheel arches and plenty of new vents out, and there’s a massive rear spoiler too! Pick a GTA-M model, and you get lightweight plexiglass windows roll cage racing seats and six point harnesses, there’s also a new launch control system, that’ll let you do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

Do you fancy one? Well you’ll have to be just as quick as the car, they’re only making 500.


Aston Martin

Let’s kick things off with the new Aston Martin V12 Speedster. It’s a bit of a looker isn’t it!? It’s basically a Vantage that’s had its roof sawn off, and instead of a twin-turbo Mercedes V8, it has a 700hp, 5.2L V12 from the DBS Superleggera, so it should sound epic. Is it fast though? Well, it’ll do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and will blast your wig into the middle of next week when it tops out at 186mph.

Good thing, it comes with two helmets behind the headrest then!



The all-new Audi A3 is basically a much posher version of the new VW Golf. It uses the same chassis but looks a lot sportier and gets plenty of new technology. Inside you get a pair of large screens and lots of luxurious materials, but Audi has finally ditched the old rotary controller that made everything so easy to use. Now, you can get the A3 with three engines, a couple of diesels and 150hp, 1.5L petrol. You’ll also be able to get a plug-in hybrid, which is powered by combination of an electric motor and a 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine. There will even be a faster S3 model with four-wheel drive, and this is expected to produce 330hp from its 2.0L turbocharged engine.



The old BAC Mono was one of the most hardcore road cars you could buy, they only had one seat for goodness sake. The new Mono gets the same F1-style seat, space age design, and high tech materials but it produces 30hp more from its four cylinder turbocharged engine. Now it also meets European noise and emission regulations for the first time, so it’s nice and legal but probably not quite so good on the ear drums.



The new Bentley Bacalar may sound like something you’d wear to rob a bank, but there’s nothing subtle or stealthy about this new roadster. Its sweeping bodywork is built by Pininfarina, the oldest coach builder in the world and there’s a 659hp W12 engine under the bonnet. Mulliner will only build 12 of them, and they cost a whopping £1.5 million each, but they’re already sold out. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can personalise your Bacalar with rice husk ash paint (whatever that is) and 5000-year-old Riverwood trim.



This is the BMW i4 Concept. It’s not a finished car but it does show what BMWs rival to the Tesla Model three will look like. And yes, it looks like it’s going to have a massive buck-toothed grill but at least the rest of the i4 looks cool. Its interior is about as minimalist as it gets and there’s a huge windscreen infotainment system as well. The overall concept is rear wheel drive, like every good BMW should be. It does 0-60 in 4 seconds, and heads on to 124mph, which isn’t bad for an electric car. Best of all, BMW says the i4 can do 373 miles between charges, and even get sound effects composed by Hans Zimmer, the guy who did the sound for the movie Inception. Just don’t expect Leonardo DiCaprio to be the voice of the new Sat Nav!

The only thing is you’re going to have to wait for more than a year until the actual production version goes on sale.



The Chiron might have been around for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped Bugatti rolling out a special edition version for 2021. It’s called the Chiron Pur Sport, and it’s more about being faster in corners than hitting a 300mph top speed. Because of this, it has stiffer suspension and new bodywork that makes more downforce, the fixed wing 3D-printed titanium exhaust, and magnesium wheels, all helped make it 50kg lighter than the regular Chiron. It’ll be even lighter with the two-tone paint option which leaves the bottom third of the bodywork naked, so you can see all the lovely carbon fibre. Underneath, the engine is the same as the normal Chiron so it makes 1500hp and 1600nm torque. Fairly humdrum, but it gets a reworked gearbox that helps it go from 40 to 75 mph, almost two seconds quicker!



SEAT’s spin off performance brand are planning the Formentor as is their first standalone model. It’s a bit like a jacked up SUV version of the Leon, so it looks much sportier than the Cupra Ateca. You can get it with three engines: a 310hp petrol engine with four-wheel drive, or you can get 245hp plug-in hybrid version with an electric motor and a 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine. Every Formentor comes with an automatic gearbox and snazzy interior with a 12-inch touchscreen and digital drivers display as standard. First deliveries will begin late 2020.

Cupra also recently revealed the new, high-performance Leon too. This sporty Spanish hot hatch shares plenty of its bits with the new VW Golf GTI, but it looks more exciting with lots of copper-coloured bits and a big, tattoo-style, Cupra badge. You can even choose from a range of engines: There’s a 245hp petrol, a 245hp plug-in hybrid, a 300hp petrol, and a 310hp petrol in the range-topping four-wheel drive estate models. Beware though, every version of the layout comes with an automatic gearbox there is no manual option. Still, they do get a sporty looking interior with a pair of large digital screens as standard.



Their new Spring Electric concept shows us what to expect when the brand launches its first electric car sometime in the next two years. It won’t give the engineers over at Tesla any sleepless nights, but it will be the cheapest new electric car on sale. And really that’s all that I have to say about that.



The Japanese giants have updated the Jazz city car, and it’s all about being easy to get into, easy to drive and easy to live with. It’s especially cheap to run if you go for the hybrid as Honda claims this will manage 62mpg. The Jazz is on sale now and it starts from £20,00.



Hyundai rolled out a new concept car called the Prophecy. It’s a slinky electric saloon that’s as aerodynamic as possible thanks to an adaptive rear spoiler, and clever alloy wheels that will work like propellers to pull air close to the car sides, thereby reducing drag. It also comes with backwards opening rear doors and a super minimalist interior. There’s one big screen up front, and you don’t even get a steering wheel. Instead, you have two joysticks either side of the driver’s seat. Not sure that’ll catch on. Anyway, you won’t have a chance to try it out because the Prophecy won’t go into production it’s just a concept car for us to look at and say “that’s stupid”.



These guys know a thing or two about building mega-fast supercars but now it’s having a crack at making a super quick GT. The Gemera is a low-slung, four-seater with upwards-hinging doors and exhaust pipes that stick out through the roof. These don’t lead to a massive, fire-breathing V8 like they do another Koenigseggs though. Instead, the Gemera has a 2.0L three-cylinder petrol engine. However, this is supplemented by three electric motors and combined, you have 1700hp. In fact, the three cylinder engine alone, shouldn’t be laughed at because it produces 600 of the horsepower, and boy is it quick! It can go from 0 to 60 in 1.9 secs. You can even run it on petrol or ethanol, if you want to be a bit kinder to the environment, it’s your choice.

If you fancy a Swedish supercar but you don’t need four seats, there’s also the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Yes, it sounds like a type of vodka, but it’s actually a 1600hp twin-turbo V8 hypercar designed to smash the top speed record for production cars. Bugatti currently holds the record with its 305mph Chiron but Koenigsegg reckons the Gemera will do more than 310mph. You can even remove the Jesko Absolut’s roof and keep it under the bonnet although top speed takes a bit of a hit when you do. Koenigsegg hasn’t said how much the Jesko Absolut costs, but they have said, it’ll be the last car they build that’s all about top speed.



They’ve made a few special edition ‘longtail’ versions of their cars before, and the latest model to get stretched is the new 765 Lt. It’s based on a 720S, but it comes with a bunch of new vents, loads of carbon fibre upgrades, and 4 huge titanium exhausts poking out from underneath the massive rear wing. It has the same twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine as a 720S but it makes 765 hp in this car. Thanks to some polycarbonate windows, lots of carbon fibre and some seats bar from the McLaren Senna, the new car weighs 80kg less than the standard 720S on which it’s based. All this means you’ll do 0-60 in about 2.7 seconds. However, due to the long tail of extra aerodynamics for improved downforce and handling the top speed is now only 205mph of the standard cost 211mph. Oh dear!/s



Their E-Class saloon and estate have had a few tweaks for 2020. Now, they come with revised styling and plenty of new technology. You get different headlights, new grills, and some fancy new steering wheels to choose from. Also the new car gets Mercedes’ very latest version of its MBUX infotainment system. Meanwhile the car also gets some new hybrid engines, while E53 models come with a new optional AMG Dynamic Plus pack that gives you the same drift mode as the full fat, E63 AMG.

The latest AMG A45 has shown to be a real blast to drive. But now, there’s a GLA 45 to get your heart racing as well. This uses the same 421hp turbocharged 2L petrol engine as the hot hatch version but stuffed into a taller SUV body for even more (or less?) street cred, depending on your viewpoint.

However, if that doesn’t sound like enough power in an SUV check out the AMG GLA 63 coupe. This massive coupe offroader comes with up to 625hp from its 4L twin-turbo V8. It also gets a clever active anti roll system to stop its huge body from leaning too much in tight corners.



This is the Morgan Plus 4, and it may look like a very very old car, but it’s actually completely new, well, almost. The car is built on an all new aluminium chassis, and gets a 259hp BMW four-cylinder engine which is also used in the Z4, and seeing as it only weighs about 1000kg and does 0-60mph in about 4.8 seconds. It’s on sale now, and it costs £63,000. Though, there is a bit of a waiting list for one.


The Pininfarina Batista is one of the fastest and most expensive electric cars, you can buy, but the Anniversario version is even more reassuringly expensive. It produces 1900hp and 2300n/m of torque. That means, are they’ll do 0-60mph, in less than TWO seconds. It also gets some new aero tweaks, wheels and tyres, so it’s even faster than the standard car. How does 217mph sound? Pretty good for an electric car, the only thing is just five will be made. Each in an exclusive two-tone paint job that you won’t see on the normal Batista (if a Batiste could ever be described as normal).



We all know Renault likes futuristic concept car, and this year they built something called the Morphoz. It’s supposed to show us what electric cars will look like in 2025, and there might be some truth to that because it uses Renault’s new electric vehicle platform. Instead of choosing a trim level, you choose between city or travel models. These are pretty much identical except the travel version is 40 centimetres longer and has a much bigger battery. They both get sliding rear seats, a swivelling passenger seat and a retractable steering wheel that doubles as an infotainment screen.



They’ve revealed a new four-door coupe rival for the Porsche Taycan. It’s called the Precept, and it shows what future road cars from the Swedish brand will look like. An integrated spoiler in the bonnet and cameras instead of wing mirrors make it as aerodynamic as possible. It even uses a plant-based composite for some body panels that are lighter than plastic and produce less waste. Inside you get a couple of large screens and Polesters signature gold seat belts, just like in the S60 Polestar. They haven’t confirmed how fast the Precept is or how far it can go between charges, however, they have said that it comes with the kind of high-tech sensors reserved for only the most advanced autonomous driving systems. Maybe that means the car could even drive itself.



The new Porsche 911 992 is a pretty quick car, but this new range topping 911 Turbo S promises to be an absolute monster. Let’s start with looks; it’s wider, lower and angrier than the standard 911, thanks to new bumpers, lots of new intakes wider haunches, and 4 massive exhaust pipes. The 3.0L turbocharged flat six engine now makes 650hp and it drives all four wheels through an eight-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic gearbox. As a result, you could do 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 205mph. The suspension is lower and firmer than the standard 911 as well. To improve the handling and you get an adjustable rear wing to help keep the Turbo S glued to the tarmac at high speed. As for the price, you’re looking at more than £150,000 for the pleasure.



If you don’t want a German or Spanish hot hatch, how about a Czech one? Well, Skoda has revealed its new Octavia VRS. This new model ditches the old car’s petrol engine and gets a 1.4l petrol engine, plus an electric motor meaning it’s only available as a plug-in hybrid which makes 245hp. This gets fed to the front wheels only, through a 6-speed automatic gearbox. As a result, we can do 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds and heads on to 140mph top speed so it’s not exactly the quickest hot hatch out there.



If you want the hot hatch with the most pedigree, then check out the new Volkswagen Golf GTI. Obviously, it looks very much like the standard golf but it does get some extra red trim, cool fog lights and new alloy wheels plus bigger exhausts. Inside you get some GTI signature tartan seats and some new graphics for the two digital screens. Underneath the bonnet is a 2.0L turbocharged engine with 245hp, which is good for 0-60mph in around six seconds. There’s also a 200hp GTD diesel version that’s a bit slower but cheaper to run. And then there’s the GT hybrid which uses the same 1.4L petrol engine combined with an electric motor to produce the same 245hp that you get in the Skoda Octavia VRS.

If you want a bigger performance VW, then how about the Touareg R. So this gets a 3.0L V6 turbo engine mated to an electric motor to produce a combined 462hp and 700n/m of torque. It’ll do 0-60mph in under 6 seconds. Not bad for such a big old beast!